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Ways To Keep Your Wait Staff Healthy

November 3, 2016 by Posted in: Uncategorized

The state of well-being of the wait staff is paramount¬†to investing in the restaurants’ future. It is worthwhile because…

unhealthy employees are less productive and are often absent from work.

By ensuring the wait staff is healthy, this is a way of investing.

The following are some of the ways to keep the wait staff healthy, they include:

Sponsor talks on overall health and exercise

A professional gym trainer would be best to give this talk. Also, negotiate on behalf of the employees to be given a discount in a particular gym once they are members. Also, having local Edmonton chiropractors demonstrate to the staff proper ways to lift objects and maneuver would be beneficial.


Provide comprehensive medical coverage

This will ensure that when a member of staff is unwell, they can get access to quality treatment promptly. This will not only enhance overall productivity, but it will also reduce the total overall costs. Reviewing coverage to make sure it includes insurance for back and neck treatments is the right approach.

Provide free health check-ups

Some wait staff does not go for check-ups unless they fall ill. Check-ups for hypertension, levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, eye check-up among others are vital. This also encourages employees to be anticipatory with their health. Furthermore, health problems will be detected early and treated thereby, enhancing the overall well-being of employees. Have a list of Edmonton chiropractors in the break-room.


Provide a kit for first aid

It is common for wait staff to get headaches, especially on a busy day. Small accidents may also happen, and if this occurs, they should have access to a first aid kit and train some of them to handle such cases.

Invest in ergonomics

Ergonomics refer to designing equipment so as to reduce discomfort, injury or fatigue to the operators. Wait staff is prone to get back and neck pain, as the manager or owner of the restaurant, assist them to make changes to prevent this. For instance, training the staff on neck-strengthening exercises to prevent this.


Offer nutritious meals for employees while at work

Nutritious meals translate to a healthy body.A healthy group of staff will not only put them in good shape to work but, also make the face of the restaurant more attractive.

Allow employees access to flu shots

Flu is the most common reason for skipping work. Flu shots will ensure that each person is fit for work for most of the time especially the cold seasons when the flu is most likely to occur.

Facilitate talks on techniques of managing stress

Psychological health has been scientifically proved to boost the immune system, which translates to good physical health. Most Edmonton chiropractors will agree with the importance of discussion on effective ways of stress management, meditation, and yoga, would go a long way to enhance this.

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