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Capturing The Culinary Experience

September 22, 2016 by Posted in: Uncategorized


It’s amazing how ideas crop up just from basic day to day activities. The smallest idea can result in business. Cuisine photography started just like that. With the introduction of cameras on phones, photographers were less needed. They realized that they could make a career from taking restaurant pictures and creating portfolios. Restaurants are opening so there will always be a demand.

Professional photography is an investment
We are continually reminded that a picture is worth a thousand words. The competition is stiff; taking ordinary photos will not entice customers to your restaurant. A great photo is what will entice customers to your restaurant. Photographing is a technical skill that is taught and acquired. Professional photographers will take great photos at positioned angles to get the best capture. They have the latest equipment in the market. They know how to control lighting in the room. They are responsible for a finished edited product that is ready to be posted on your website.

Rewarding online advertisement
All businesses are investing in online marketing because there is a return on investment. Simply posting pictures of your food on Pinterest or your website will generate traffic. Think about creating social media buzz and staying relevant. The best to create a buzz and stay relevant is through pictures of your restaurant and available foods. Online buzz creates opportunities as you can get invited to important events.

Create publicity for the chef
Photographs can advertise chef’s artistic talent. How plating is done says a lot about the chef. Through a picture, you can see, taste’ and feel the food presented in the photograph. Photography can make food look beautiful and feel fresh. Cravings can generate business. Some customers request to be served by a specific chef who creates business opportunities for you. This year, most chefs are turning to South Florida Event Photography to help them tastefully present their cuisine through imagery.

Tourist attraction
Food is a tourist attraction. Visitors will pay to try out new foods from locals. A great photo will be the first attraction that I tourist will see. Tourists often do their research before their trip so they already know what they would like to eat and where to eat from. South Florida Event Photography will be a tourist attraction.

Can create stunning menus
I once heard of a chef who created an entirely new dish from some photos that he had seen online. The dish was so good that it became his trademark. Chefs also look at different foods to create new menus. As mentioned, it is important for a restaurant to remain relevant. One of the ways is to keep new foods and menus for customers to remain curious and addicted.

How you present your menu also matters. A photographer will create a menu that has descriptions and colorful images/ photographs of signature foods. A professional menu also contains photographs all the types of foods in the restaurant. Every year at South Florida Event Photography, chefs present professional menus.

Bay Cooking | Chefs With Good Food