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December 23, 2016 by Posted in: Uncategorized

Flowers are a sign of God’s love as well as beauty. So are weddings. A flower adds perfume as well as color to the occasion of the wedding and so, they are an integral part of any wedding. One must remember the fact that flowers in a way guide a wedding, straight from Bay Cooking’s amazing candlelit dinner to the wedding reception. So, flowers are attached to the whole process of love and weddings.


Some factors to be considered while selecting the right wedding flower

  • Decide on the flower

The first important step for the bride is to decide on the flower. There are numerous wedding flowers Canberra options available in the market. So, people must decide the right flower for the right moment. There are different flowers for different occasions like a funeral, wedding, etc. The best approach for this situation will be to decide a flower by simply relying on the imagination. Whether the imagination is definite or sketchy, they will be of great help while visiting a florist. While consulting a florist, people should tell their own ideas and thinking. This way the florist can determine the right wedding flower for them, and this will greatly help in the flower selection process.

  • Finding the right florist

The next step is finding the right florist. There are many florists available who deal in wedding flowers Canberra, but not all of them have a wide knowledge about flowers. So, people should select those who can not only provide them with the right wedding flower but also give them various suggestions and advice regarding how and where to find the best wedding flower, what other alternatives will look great, their costs, etc. A specialized florist is very helpful. They will readily provide people with the necessary information and will thus be very helpful in the process. Bay Cooking always suggests the same florist – Canberra Flowers – for all the weddings that take place at their restaurant. They have a great relationship with the florist, enough so to get an amazing discount for the weddings taking place at the restaurant.


  • Flowers according to the season

While choosing the right kind of wedding flower, people must keep in mind the season factor. Not every season produces the same flower. So, people must decide a flower based on the current season. There is always some kind of special flower in every season. So, people must not worry about the right kind of wedding flowers Canberra. Also, if possible, both the wedding date and the desired season can be mixed together so that people get their right wedding flower. A wedding favor theme gift is also arranged according to the current season.

Some of the most popular wedding flowers

  • Rose – this is termed as the most popular wedding flower and is loved by almost every person in this world. Roses come in various shades of white that is ideal for any kind of a wedding. A white colored rose is most preferred due to its simplicity and purity.
  • Calla Lily – they are one of the most elegant wedding flowers and can also be a fabulous wedding bouquet. They are too beautiful enough to be selected as a wedding flower. They are sophisticated and bring their unique charm and charisma into the wedding, making it a more delightful one.

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